I’ve got my eye on…Trapeze Dresses!

If there  is one thing I am looking for this summer, it’s throw-on-and-go outfits.  Having a new baby in tow definitely takes some time out of my beauty and fashion routines.  Enter the trapeze dress (aka the swing dress).  It’s so easy to throw on, it’s light and breezy, and it hides the post-baby imperfections wonderfully!  I am loving this Striped Swing Dress from Loft! It’s perfectly preppy to start the summer off right!

trapeze dress


I’m picturing this dress with a pair of cognac leather sandals and a mini saddle bag for the perfect summer look!  Confession: I ordered this dress right when I found it.

Here are a few more fun picks to choose from:

These all would all be a great fast outfit in the Texas heat this summer!  What are some of your go-to’s for a quick summer outfit?


Closet Classics, Tall Sizes: White Blazer

You guys!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen photos of celebrities and models in a white blazer and thought, “one of the tall shops really needs to makes a stylish white blazer.” But I’ve never seen a great one.

So imagine my excitement when I found out the newest collaboration between TTYA x Long Tall Sally included a white blazer! It was a great day, and I immediately got online to buy one.

White Blazer

I love it.

It’s worth noting that it runs just a bit big, so think about sizing down. I’m fine with it a little big, but I am going to have it nipped in a bit at the waist at my alteration place. Otherwise, it’s perfect, and I’m so excited to finally have a white blazer that works for a tall person. All my Pinterest-fashion-board-dreams will finally come to life!  (I didn’t buy the pants, but I’m thinking about it.)

Have you guys seen any tall-sized white blazers at other shops? If so, let us know in the comments.

I’ve got my eye on…pops of blush pink!

With all this crazy winter weather going on and Texas’ teasing us with warm weather (it was 81 degrees one day last week), I’ve been searching for ways to bring spring here faster!!  One great way to do this is by adding pops of color, and I’m loving light pink right now!  It’s a great transition color from winter to spring because it’s not too in-your-face, and it gives any outfit a feminine touch.  One of Pantone’s Spring 2015 colors is called “Strawberry Ice”, and it is just lovely!  This cross-body from Kate Spade is a perfect pop of color for any outfit!  I can totally see it paired with some cuffed boyfriend jeans, a gray tee, and a black tuxedo jacket.


Of course there is more than one way to add a pop of color to your outfit!  Check out these other blush pink options I’ve found:

  • If it’s still cold where you are, put on this rose pink ribbed beanie from J.Crew.
  • This bow-neck blouse from Loft would look great under a cardigan or jacket.
  • And who doesn’t need a slim cigarette pant from ASOS in their closets?
  • If you don’t think you can add that much pink yet, a light pink nail is always classic.  Try this seashell pink from NARS.

I also love the idea of tying a pink cardigan around your waist or slipping on a pink belt!  Hopefully adding color will help bring a little spring into your step despite all the crazy cold weather going on!

Closet Classics, Tall Sizes: Winter Coat

Over the weekend, it got really cold for the first time this fall.  So much so that on Saturday night, I actually went with a winter coat. My classic belted camel coat.  But it’s not in great shape anymore.  The thing I never realized growing up in Oklahoma, and then living in Texas, is that when you have to wear a winter jacket every day for at least 4 months, it is going to wear down really quickly. Or that you might need more than one winter jacket!

So yesterday, I went winter jacket shopping online.  I ended up ordering this one from J.Crew because it was a style I didn’t have, but I LOVE all the others I’ve linked to below as well.  (I will say, Long Tall Sally absolutely has the best selection of winter coats for tall women – no one else even came close.)


I really love this classic navy pea coat from Long Tall Sally and I think this one is great if you’re commuting to work, or need something a bit more formal.  Loft also has a really fresh take on a classic winter coat that I think will last for seasons.

Foodie Friday: Paleo Banana Bread

The most frustrating thing about buying bananas is that you can eat maybe 3 and then they start getting black spots.  Then no one touches them.  They turn black so you think you’ve wasted 2-3 bananas.  So what should you do?  Make banana bread, of course!!


And this banana bread recipe from Gutsy by Nature is so moist!

She uses coconut flour and tapioca flour as the starch and honey as the sweetener.  Where do you get coconut flour and tapioca flour (aka tapioca starch)?  I got mine at Sprouts.  But you can also get it a Whole Foods or if you can’t find it anywhere, amazon.com is a great place to go for uncommon ingredients.

It followed the recipe exactly (except I added 1/2 cup walnuts for texture), and it came together very quickly.  I baked mine for 55 minutes, and it was perfect!  I had two pieces topped with some grass-fed butter as soon as it was cool enough to touch!

Y’all should definitely give this paleo banana bread a try!  If you don’t want those black bananas to go to waste, peel them and freeze them in a zip-loc bag.  Once you are ready to make some banana bread, let them thaw and use them like that!  Works just the same!

Let me know how you like them!