A Perfect Summer Drink?

A few weeks ago, I ran across a link to Rue Magazine’s Vodka Lemonade (on Pinterest of course) and had to try it! The strawberries in their picture sold me, honestly. And other than needing to make a batch of simple syrup, which I didn’t realize I had to do until I was half way through with the other preparations, it was actually pretty easy. And it gave me an excuse to use my adorable antique juicer!

It tasted so good – totally refreshing.  I forgot to top it off with basil, which killed me a little because I’ve been looking for uses for my overgrown little windowsill crop of basil. Oh well – next time.  And believe me, as good as this drink was on a hot summer afternoon, there will definitely be a next time.


Vodka_Lemonade_JuicerVodka_Lemonade_LemonsVodka_Lemonade_InitialClick here for the recipe.