I’ve got my eye on…easy manicures!

I like to have my nails done, what girl doesn’t?  But I HATE the process of going to the nail salon, getting my nails and cuticles poked and pinched then painted, and waiting for them to dry only to have one of them chip 1 day later!  Yes, I’ve tried Shellac or Gel nails, and I love them!  But again with the process!  I’m hoping this will be the solution to all my problems!  Well, the nail problems, at least.  It’s called Nail Glow by Dior.  It’s supposed to make the whites of your nails brighter and the pinks of your nails pinker, mimicking a French manicure in only 2 coats!

Nail Glow

So, we will see how this goes!  They also have a Gel Coat which is described as “visionary”!  Happy nails!