Foodie Friday: Hawaiian Ham & Cheese Sliders

We are in the midst of a crazy college football season, and down here in Texas, it is a very popular topic!  If you aren’t caught up, check it out here!  We are definitely in the spirit of things around here, and this Saturday is a huge game in my household!  Texas Tech (my husband’s alma mater) vs. Oklahoma (I was born and raised in Norman).  It can get a little hostile around here, and by a little, I mean ALOT!  So I figured the best way to keep a man happy is to feed him, right?  I’m going to make these babies from Navy Wife Cook.

But, I doubled the sauce recipe.  Trust the tall girls on this one…double it!!  I also would recommend lining your baking dish in foil so the bottoms of the buns won’t get too crispy.  This will be a great game-day dish!  It looks amazing!

ham (1)

And 20 minutes later…we EAT!