I’ve got my eye on…drawstring bucket bags!

I can still remember my mom’s Dooney & Bourke drawstring bucket bag from the ’90’s.  It was glorious!  It held everything including an overstuffed wallet, gum, lipsticks, loose coins and crumpled receipts.  And if she wanted it to look neat and tidy, she could just cinch up the drawstring!  Genius!  She wore hers on one shoulder, not cross-body, which is the way I prefer it to be worn!  These bags are making a big comeback, and I’m still kicking myself for not buying one at the outlet mall in San Marcos last fall!  Here is the ONE I want from Dooney, along with several other very tempting choices!

bucket bag

The great thing about these bags is that they can be worn either cross-body or on one shoulder, they carry everything under the sun, and they will always have a place in your closet, whether you are riding the trend or just keeping it classy!