Product Review: Long Tall Sally Ribbon Tape Sweater

Long Tall Sally was gracious enough to gift me with their Sally Ribbon Tape Sweater.  I was so excited to get it in the mail last week because a) I think it’s a great sweater for the spring-to-summer transition and b) I’m taking it with me to Italy! Verdict: really great summer sweater that is versatile for weekends or for work (assuming you don’t work in a strict suits-only environment).

white sweaterI was a little worried as I was taking it out of the packaging because it looked a little big, but when I had it on, the fit was perfect. (I think sometimes I just forget I’m just tall!) It was just the right amount of “slouch.” Enough for it to feel comfortable, but not so much that I looked sloppy or bulky. I actually wore it to work the next day with a pair of black suit pants and a black camisole underneath, and it looked really great.  I think for non-work wear, it wouldn’t necessarily need a camisole underneath – particularly if worn with a nude bra – but that wasn’t a risk I felt like I could take at work!

I wish the beautiful smiling woman in the photo above were me modeling the top for you instead of the product shot, but as I mentioned, I’m taking this item with me to Italy so it’s already packed – wheels up tomorrow! If you aren’t already, follow us on Instagram to see photos of how I end up styling and wearing this while Bryan and I are in Italy (along with too many pictures of gelato, I’m sure!).  I’m planning to wear it with these J.Crew pants (in black) and also over one of my sundresses.