Closet Classics, Tall Sizes: Sailor-Stripe Shirt

I have the best sailor-stripe shirt.  It’s long. It’s the perfect amount of navy and white. It’s 3/4 sleeve, so really versatile.  I wear it all the time in spring and summer.  But I cannot remember where I got it. (Sorry for all that build up and no payoff!)

I honestly think everyone needs a sailor-stripe shirt.  When I wear mine, I normally keep the look on the casual side (ankle pants, shorts or a casual skirt), but I love it when people dress them up just a bit or add some fun accessories like a crazy printed scarf.  I’ve seen a few people wear their sailor stripes with pencil skirts to work – somehow it just works.

It was harder to find tall-sized sailor-stripe shirts than anything I’ve looked for so far. I found a few, including this one by asos below, but I’d suggest also just keeping your eyes peeled for a longer length, 3/4 sleeve version (or even full sleeve – it might end up 3/4 on us talls!).

sailor stripe shirtI also found this version from J.Crew (not technically tall but it looks really long), this mango-and-white take on sailor stripes from Long Tall Sally, and an adorable tunic dress interpretation from TopShop Tall.