Closet Classics, Tall Sizes: The Espadrille

A few years back, the only wedge espadrilles I could find in a size 12 weren’t really even an espadrille – these Toms wedges just sort of fit the bill. So I bought them, desperate to bring that late-1970s/1980s preppy aesthetic into my wardrobe rotation.  (I still really like these Toms – they are very, very comfortable.) Nowadays, espadrilles seems ubiquitous. Everyone has a pair – you can buy them as slippers, you can buy them in the traditional style – with ankle binding, or you can find them as wedges.

But there’s a reason espadrilles are a classic. They have such a casual cool vibe that is just perfect for summer. Mentioned in 1980’s The Official Preppy Handbook, a quick Google search attests to their long-time appeal. One 1981 article noted, “It seems women have developed a special relationship with espadrilles – those usually square-throated, closed-back casual shoes with fabric uppers and woven hemp bottoms. They love them, they hate them. And they keep buying them.”

Of course, this pair of wedge espadrilles by J.Crew is my favorite. It evokes a classic, Jacques Cohen vibe. I have a pair in the vintage sandstone color, and they are really comfortable.  However, they only go up to a size 12.

espadrillesI also really like these sandal-style espadrilles, also from J.Crew, in black or flax.  Long Tall Sally has a pair of red slipper espadrilles that are really cute. If you like the slipper look, and can stomach buying men’s shoes, I also like these Zabattigli’s espadrilles – a couple colors go to a men’s size 13. Finally, Zappos is selling a Fitzwell espadrille that comes in black, tan, navy and white – and that goes up to a size 16!

Let us know how you feel about espadrilles in the comments!